Frequently Asked Questions for Weekly Sessions

- What age can my child start attending On The Ball sessions?
Our Tots On The Ball sessions are for children from aged 2. Our junior sessions are for ages 4-12 years old.

- How long are the sessions?
Tots sessions are 45 minutes. Junior sessions are 55 minutes.

- Is On The Ball for boys and girls?
Yes, all of our sessions are mixed. We think that boys and girls benefit from playing football together at this age.

- How do I know which group my child should attend?
Speak to one of our coaches – we can advise you based on age, playing experience, social confidence etc.

- Will my child be coached by the same people every week?
Our coaches work with the same groups each week, of course we do occasionally make changes for holidays etc but very rarely. Your child's coach will become a familiar face.

- Can my child try On The Ball before we join a weekly session?
Yes! We are confident that you and your child will love On The Ball and we offer the first session free to all new players.

- How often do I pay?
Payments are either made monthly or termly.

- Do I have to pay for sessions not attended?
Yes. Many of our courses are full and have waiting lists, so payment is required to retain your place. Additionally, we have to pay for venues and our coaches even though you miss the session and we need to cover our costs.

- I have more than one child at On The Ball – is there any discount?
Yes, the first child is full price and any direct siblings receive a 50% discount!

- Do I have to stay with my child?
Our Tots sessions are designed for parents to attend and often to join in the fun!

For all other sessions we are more than happy for parents to stay and watch and many do so, but it is not compulsory. However, please ensure we have up-to-date contact details for you and that we know arrangements for collection of your child at the end of their session.

- Are there any awards for good players?
We give out a weekly award at our sessions to the player who has tried hardest. Young players get to take home Felix, our cuddly mascot and older players take a trophy for the week.

At the end of each term we hold presentations at all of our sessions. Every player who has worked hard at their sessions will receive a certificate and medal from Felix the Fox, our On The Ball mascot, and we have some additional special awards too.

- What should my child wear for the sessions?
Comfortable clothes suitable for sport. Football boots can be worn outdoor in suitable ground conditions, but we recommend that all players wear shin pads (except in tots sessions).

- Do sessions continue through the school holidays?
We usually have a break from our sessions during school holidays. However, if venues are available we do sometimes continue – please ask our team for details regarding your session.